The role of algae, not only as producers of organic substance, but also as creators of living organisms communities, is most pronounced when forming pioneer groupings on substrates of various origins. Algae, settling down on industrial dumps as first organisms, become centers around which different bacteria, fungi and invertebrates develop, that greatly accelerates microbiological processes, especially in the cycles of the main biogenic elements, nitrogen and carbon, and activates restorative successions in industrial dumps.
This project proposal involves an assessment of the ecotope current state of the Gurovo quarry and the forecasting of possible variants of the algal communities development based on the synthesis of modern molecular research methods and many years of experience in studying ecology and algal adaptation in anthropogenic landscapes. The project implementation will offer a strategy for overcoming lithogeochemical barriers in the quarry conditions for natural overgrowing of dumps and the formation of target ecosystems without specialized recultivation.
The uniqueness of the proposal lies in the possibility of using the results of the project "DNA barcoding in microalgae is a first stage of the large-scale research of the quarry biodiversity and monitoring" as a platform for the well-timed development and adoption of preventive measures to preserve biological diversity and ensure the self-restoration of the Gurovo quarry ecosystems.

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